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Dr. Shawn Neville

After high school I felt strongly about a career in a health field, I thought about dentistry, osteopathy or medicine. During the summer before my first year in college I was working in construction and developed incapacitating back pain. My best friend's father was a chiropractor so I went to see him. He adjusted my spine and I got off the table with about ninety percent of my pain gone. Not only did my pain resolve, but I just felt good all over. it was hard to describe to people, I had a very deep ache throughout my spine, but it also felt good, it was the best I ever recalled feeling. I went back several times to get my spinal subluxations corrected, but I never had pain again after my first adjustment.

I never thought to much about chiropractic again until I was working again the next summer and had knee pain. I went to the family physician my parents always took us to if we had any health issues and after the second visit he suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon. I did not like the idea of a surgeon, so I thought about the chiropractor I had seen the year before - I knew he would not do surgery- and I could get another opinion. After he evaluated me he said, "you are just subluxated again". He adjusted me and the next day about half of the knee pain was gone. After a few more treatments the pain was totally gone. It turned out that my pelvis was subluxated, and I was transferring too much weight to the opposite side causing my knee pain. It was after that that I took serious interest in chiropractic and after reading a great deal about it decided it would be a perfect fit for me. I never liked taking as much as an aspirin and the idea that you could improve the body's function by removing nerve interference from subluxations in the spine was very appealing to me. Chiropractic was not just about getting good results with back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches; you could improve the health of the whole body by removing the nerve interference caused by the vertebral subluxation. I was taking the same classes to get into medical or dental school as I needed for chiropractic college, so I applied to chiropractic college instead.

After treating patients for over twenty years I cannot imagine finding a more rewarding profession. On a daily basis, I have seen patients with all types of conditions and symptoms return to optimal health with chiropractic care. Although I use a number of modalities along with therapy, traction, ultrasounds, electric stimulation, exercise, vitamins, minerals and herbs, by far the greatest tool I have to restore optimal health to the patient is the chiropractic adjustment. From the new-born to those in their nineties, I have what some patients think are miracles with chiropractic care, but it is really their own bodies that are the miracle. I have to remind patients many times that I never heal them of anything, I only adjust the subluxations and resolve the nerve interference allowing their body to function as close to optimal as their body has potential to do, then their body heals itself.

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Danh Nguyen, Lic. Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine

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